Advantages of Scanning Commercial Documents for Your Company

The practice of scanning commercial documents extends numerous advantages to businesses, encompassing streamlined storage, diminished expenses, heightened security, an orderly filing system, and effortless data retrieval. A more detailed examination of these benefits is as follows:

Efficient Utilistion of Storage Space and Cost Reduction

One of the foremost merits of scanning commercial documents lies in the optimisation of storage space and the reduction of associated costs. Tangible documents necessitate valuable office area and costly storage solutions. Converting documents into digital format obviates the requirement for physical storage, liberating space and curbing expenditures.

Enhanced Security Scanning

Commercial documents also confers a substantial boost in security. Physical documents are vulnerable to loss, theft, and damage, resulting in potentially expensive data breaches and legal entanglements. Digital documents can be safeguarded through encryption, password protection, and backup measures, thwarting unauthorised access and potential loss. Furthermore, digital documents can be closely monitored, facilitating the detection of potential security vulnerabilities.

Methodical Filing System

The adoption of scanning commercial documents yields benefits in terms of organisational efficiency. Digital documents can be systematically categorized, labeled, and stored using pertinent keywords or tags, simplifying the process of locating and managing vital information.

Simplified Data Retrieval

Another advantage of scanning commercial documents is the ease of data retrieval. Digital documents can be swiftly and effortlessly searched and retrieved using diverse criteria, such as dates, file types, or keywords.


The act of scanning commercial documents presents a plethora of advantages to enterprises, encompassing economised storage, reduced expenses, heightened security, an orderly filing mechanism, and uncomplicated data retrieval. By embracing digital document management, businesses can enhance their workflows, curtail costs, and fortify security measures.

Syscat converts all the Land and Property records for the University of Lincoln

This was a large project for the University which facilitated the relocation of the Estates department. Saving valuable space and giving instant access to the records across various sites. It involved historical and current lease agreements, large format building plans and maps covering all the universities properties from various campuses throughout Lincolnshire and Humberside.

Syscat wins contract to digitise East Midlands Chamber of Commerce Human Resource Records

Against stiff competition Syscat was awarded the contract to convert all the East Midlands Chambers of Commerce human resource records from their head quarters at Chesterfield. The project involved a full service from packing, collection, document preparation, document scanning, delivery of the indexed searchable electronic PDF files, and confidential shredding of the original documents.

Syscat moves to new document scanning, storage & shredding facility in Newark on Trent

Syscat has relocated to a new document scanning, storage and shredding facility located centrally in Newark on Trent. Managing Director, Bryn Roebuck says the new facility brings a secure location for the company’s business operations. We have committed to a 5 year lease on the premises, and re-fitted it out internally with racking and multiple scanning stations. This new facility gives us all we need to service our existing customers, and take on new large projects.

Syscat converts over 2 million documents for Siemens in Lincoln

Syscat completes a major project for Siemens, to enable them to relocate into a new gas turbine service centre at Teal Park in Lincoln. The project involved converting over 2 million documents into searchable PDF files, covering all aspects of technical documents, drawings and microfilm. The project took a year to complete in line with the clients requirements, with high quality standards achieved through out.