A permanent, secure and flexible tool

Aperture Card (Microfilm) Scanning Services

We're specialists at aperture and microfilm scanning and digital conversion. These services are carried out by Syscat personally and are tailored for your individual and budget requirements.

At Syscat, our aperture or microfilm scanning services offer:

-Full automated batch production microfilm scanning.

-Manual individual image enhancement services. Which includes: image brightening adjustment, de-skewing, image cropping, file naming and individual image quality checking.

-Black and White / Greyscale options.

-TIFF Group 4, 5 and 6 along with PDF options.

Microfilm Aperture Scanning Services Nottingham

Benefits of microfim and aperture card scanning

  • Reduced Storage Space and Costs

    Reducing copying and distribution costs as multiple users can view the documents simultaneously.

  • Security

    From fire, flood and disaster, but also because you have control over who has access to the specific documents.

  • Organised Filing System

    An intelligent, organised filing and archive system all accessed from your computer.

  • Easy Retrieval

    No need to waste precious time trying to find documents. Retrieve your paperwork all from the comfort of your desk.

Save up to 4.5 hours a week by going digital!

Have you ever lost documents in your office? Maybe, a fellow colleague has taken a folder out and forgotten to put it back? It's found that workers spend an average of 4.5 hours a week just looking for documents!

This is why converting paperwork and documents into digital assets is an investment in efficiency that results in a permanent, secure and flexible tool that can be stored and managed on existing IT systems.

This means you can locate and retrieve your files within seconds - saving you hassle and more importantly improving productivity within your workplace.

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