A permanent, secure and flexible tool

Paper & Invoice Scanning

Scanning invoices, legal documents and paper records removes the risk of losing important HR, medical records and legal data.

So what happens to your documents when Syscat scans them? Well, we scan them to digital copies onto USBs which can be uploaded onto your IT system. The information can then be searched, retrieved and distributed within seconds.

Paper invoice scanning services Lincolnshire

What does Paper & Invoice Scanning involve?

Our services are fully compliant with the Data Protection Act. Our scanning is in accordance with BIP0008 which is the Code of Practice on Legal Admissibility and Evidential Weight of Information Stored Electronically:

- Secure Document Collection

- Document Preparation

- Test Target Scans

- Black & White / Greyscale and Colour Scanning.

-Output into multipage PDF files

-Optical Character Recognition to allow text or numerical search of scanned documents.

-Scanning of small till receipts up to a standard of A4 invoices.

-Indexing typically by month, year, supplier or invoice number.

-Scanning and exception reports

Benefits of document scanning

  • Storage Space

  • Increased Productivity

    As less time is spent trying to locate and retrieve files.

  • Increased Organisation

  • Finding files takes seconds

    Also, electronic files are more useful when multiple users need to access them.

Save up to 4.5 hours a week by going digital!

Have you ever lost documents in your office? Maybe, a fellow colleague has taken a folder out and forgotten to put it back? It's found that workers spend an average of 4.5 hours a week just looking for documents!

This is why converting paperwork and documents into digital assets is an investment in efficiency that results in a permanent, secure and flexible tool that can be stored and managed on existing IT systems.

This means you can locate and retrieve your files within seconds - saving you hassle and more importantly improving productivity within your workplace.

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