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Document Shredding Services

Syscat’s Secure Document Destruction service operates to the highest confidentiality and quality standards.

We pride ourselves in offering a completely confidential and fully compliant with regulations shredding service. Our industrial shredders shred both front and back of the documents, providing that extra-security in knowing that the records cannot be put back together.

Does your business have confidential data that you no longer need on-site? You have a responsibility to ensure that the documents stay protected and hidden to prevent security breaches and fraud.

At Syscat, we offer a complete shredding service which comes with a Certificate of Document Destruction. Syscat’s certificate verifies that legally correct procedures have been followed to destroy confidential documents following their conversion into a digital format.

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Benefits of document shredding

  • Reduced Storage Space and Costs

    Reducing copying and distribution costs as multiple users can view the documents simultaneously.

  • Security

    From fire, flood and disaster, but also because you have control over who has access to the specific documents.

  • Organised Filing System

    An intelligent, organised filing and archive system all accessed from your computer.

  • Easy Retrieval

    No need to waste precious time trying to find documents. Retrieve your paperwork all from the comfort of your desk.

How does our shredding service work?

At Syscat, we strive to provide the upmost confidentiality and security when it comes to handling your business documents. This is why we don't use couriers - we collect the documents door to door to ensure that your documents are collected securely. Once transported into our premises which are armed with alarms and CCTV, your documents are handled with confidentiality and security in the premises to be shredded.

The documents are then shredded in an environmental process, shredded both ways (front and back) for that extra comfort of mind that the documents cannot be put back together.

With Syscat, your documents are secure from collection to destruction.

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